Fresh Fall Facelift

You’ll notice a change when you log in to AthletaDesk today… we’ve given our login page a makeover! We’ve also given the calendar another facelift to help you see more of your lessons at once, and updated what happens when you click into a column in week or day view. All this and more in this week’s update below:

New Version

  • We updated the AthletaDesk login page to give it a fresh, modern look! (You’ll see this whether you’re using the new version or the classic version, but it doesn’t impact the Client Portal login widget)
  • We made some additional changes to the calendar page layout on mobile to display more of the calendar on the screen (and less of the header & footer!)
  • We’ve updated what happens in week & day view when you click in the empty space of a specific coach or location column – it will now display the total scheduled events or bulk actions for events in that column only
  • We fixed an issue where events set to All Day were being cut off in week & day view
  • clarity once it’s been 100% uploaded but is still processing)
  • We renamed the Attachments column in a client’s Attendance & Notes tab to “Resources” to eliminate confusion about how the files are linked (this change also applied to the Attachments field in the Attendance Details dialog)
  • We’ve added a “Back to (menu)” button when taking attendance for all lesson types that will return you back to the page you came from (previously this was only available when taking group lesson attendance)
  • We’ve removed the ability to set up an invoice late fee as $0 or 0% (this caused some confusion when you would receive a notification that families had a late fee applied, but the amount was $0)
  • We’ve added a small in-app message to let you know if there’s no email on file when you’re trying to send an invoice to a family
  • The My Preferences page now automatically refreshes after adding a deleting a profile picture so you can see the change right away (we also updated the progress bar when uploading a profile pic for better
  • We’ve fixed an issue that prevented you from saving yearly recurring manual charges or discounts (clicking the Save button wouldn’t do anything)

Classic Version

  • We fixed an issue in the Client Portal calendar where some location information wasn’t being displayed
Please note: If you have any questions or require assistance with your account, please contact our support team at

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