20/20 Vision

The AthletaDesk team has spent the first month of 2020 working on improvements to help make things clear. That is to say… we’ve got 20/20 vision! We’ve tweaked some language and fixed some formatting to help you and your athletes better understand what you’re seeing. Here’s our list of updates:

Improvements and enhancements: 

  • Events on the calendar now display with a strikeout if the instructor is absent. Events where the athletes were absent already did this.
  • The language used to the describe the various billing modes has been adjusted to make it more clear what each option does.
  • Updated the wording of “Send SMS Invoice notifications and reminders” for clarity.
  • Toggling an athlete from Adult to Child (or vice versa) now automatically updates the “View Athlete Portal As” buttons so only see the appropriate options are visible.
  • Updated the new Sign-Up widget so that the “Click Here” link is hidden if there is no related document on the Policy Agreement.
  • The Lessons Taught/Hours Taught report has been updated so that the columns align correctly when downloading as a CSV.

Our other fixes: 

  • Fixed the new Athlete Portal so that athletes cannot join multiple make-up lessons at once (only one at a time).
  • We’ve fixed a mistake in the error message that was displayed if you chose a password that was too short.
  • The in-app notification when an athlete registers for a lesson or event now uses the business’ regional date/time format.
  • Added regional date formatting to the Birthday field in the new Athlete Portal.
  • The “Edit Family” button from the Account Details page now goes to the first Active athlete in the family. If the family has no active athletes, then the first inactive athlete will be selected.

Did you know? We’ve released a new version of our Athlete Portal? Click here to learn how to opt in!

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at support@athletadesk.com

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