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School is back in session and the leaves are juuuuust starting to change, but one thing that never changes is the AthletaDesk team releasing improvements and fixing bugs! Check out our roundup of September changes below:

Client Management

  • We fixed an issue where client email addresses weren’t correctly populating in the To field when non-administrator trainers were using the Groups selector to add emails
  • When searching By Trainer on the Clients page, the trainer options are now in alphabetical order
  • We also alphabetized the names of assigned clients in each group when looking at the Groups tab
  • We moved the email forward button to a more visible place on the View Message dialog, and added the ability to quick-copy the email contents in just one click

    Calendar & Attendance

    • We’ve added a calendar preference to choose whether you want to show all client names in a group lesson or just the number of attendees when looking at the calendar view
    • We fixed an issue where the option to email lesson notes to trainers was mistakenly displayed for events set to No Assigned Trainer
    • We fixed an error that would occur when editing the last event in a recurring series to a date after the original end date
    • We fixed an issue where client birthdays weren’t displaying on the Home agenda (but they were on the calendar itself)
    • We updated the date picker pop-up so it will display the start of the week to match the region settings
    • We fixed an issue where the View Day button from the calendar pop-up wasn’t opening the correct day
    • We fixed an issue on mobile in the Week Agenda view where you couldn’t select an event immediately after dragging and dropping it (you needed to click elsewhere first)
    • We fixed a bug where the attendance icons on the calendar view were black when you had the Bold Theme selected
    • Trainers without the privilege enabled to take attendance can once again see client names on the calendar event
    • We fixed an issue with the date picker when printing your calendar (only affected certain regions)
    • We fixed an issue where pasting lesson notes from an outside source wasn’t retaining the formatting
    • When cancelling a No Assigned Trainer event, we removed the option to email/SMS trainers

    Accounts & Invoices

    • We fixed an issue where the PayPal Standard checkout process would calculate the convenience fee again
    • When setting up auto-invoicing, the Billing Start Date will now default back to the last setting you used
    • We made a change to immediately remove the Card on File and Auto Pay Enabled labels from the Clients menu once a payment processor is made inactive or deleted
    • We added a banner to let you know if the balance date is set to a date prior to the transaction you just added, with a button to update the balance date to the current day so you can see it (this update applies to the Client Portal as well so they can see their payment)

    Client Portal

    • We updated the # of clients displayed on an event in the calendar, so they can see the total number of attendees in the event rather than just the number of clients from that account
    • We fixed an issue where the Client Login column on the Clients page wasn’t being updated if the Client Portal invitation was sent through the sign-up form
    • We fixed an issue where only private events were being displayed on the Client Portal home page
    • We “unstickied” the search options in the Client Portal so the filter is cleared once they leave the session
    • We updated the balance at the top of the Account & Invoices page to display red or green depending on if it’s a negative or positive balance


    • We fixed an issue affecting some pages where using the scroll wheel to scroll to the bottom of the page would bounce back up a bit when you reached the bottom
    • We fixed an issue where renaming a master folder would also update the client access for that folder and its subfolders
    • We fixed the search filter dropdown autocomplete so pressing Enter when the results have narrowed to down to one option will now correctly fill in that option
    • The To field will no longer load indefinitely for staff users without the “Manage Trainers & Clients” privilege
    • We removed No Assigned Trainer from the trainer dropdown in the Trainers & Staff menu
    • We fixed an issue where the 0 at the beginning or end of the CVV was being removed on the membership page which would cause an issue when updating your subscription payment method
    • We fixed an issue where the Edit dialog was opening instead of the Client Access dialog when editing an existing Online Resource
    • Various cosmetic tweaks throughout
    Please note: If you have any questions or require assistance with your account, please contact our support team at support@athletadesk.com

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