An Even Better Beta!

A couple of weeks ago we launched our new attendance experience in beta! The feedback has been incredible, and we’ve already started to make improvements to the feature. Check out our updates to attendance – and more – below!

Beta attendance updates:

  • We added the option to email group lesson notes to parents and athletes.
  • We updated the Overdue Attendance UI to include checkboxes for taking bulk attendance.
  • In the Communication History section, we changed “Note to Instructor” to “Private Note” for consistency and clarity
  • We fixed an issue where cancelled lessons were not being converted to a make-up slot if that’s what was set in the business policies.
  • We fixed an issue where special characters were not appearing in the lesson notes when inserted.
  • We fixed an issue where group notes were not displaying in the emailed lesson notes.
  • We fixed an issue where group notes were not copying forward from the previous lesson.

Other upgrades & enhancements: 

  • The classic Athlete Portal is now officially retired! Any AthletaDesk accounts that were still using the classic Portal have been switched over to the modern Portal.
  • In the Athlete Portal, we’ve added a notification warning the user if they’re using an unsupported browser.
  • We’ve resolved the Athlete Portal scrolling issue on iPads that was affected by the new iOS update. This was previously fixed for iPhones.
  • When entering bank account details, white space at the beginning and end, as well as non-numeric characters, will automatically be removed.

Our other fixes: 

  • We fixed a bug in the Athlete Retention report, where it was including athletes that are inactive and have never been in a lesson.
  • We fixed an issue in the text editor that could remove a line of text on iOS when double-clicking, or remove a line of text when hitting “Enter” after using the replace function.
  • We fixed a bug that occurred when applying a date filter that has a date range greater than an invoice created in the future.
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