April Showers Bring May… Updates!

Our recent upgrades and enhancements: 

  • We upgraded our text editor to a newer, more modern version! It includes all your favorite formatting features, but in a cleaner and more organized layout. Plus, the toolbar is always visible when writing lesson notes (previously you had to highlight text in your lesson notes to view the toolbar).
  • We’ve added double-click protection to the “Send” button on emails. If you accidentally double-click, you won’t accidentally send double the email as well!

Our other fixes: 

  • We fixed an issue that could prevent scheduled emails from being deleted.
  • We fixed a minor formatting issue with multi-level lists in News posts, where they were not displaying correctly in the Athlete Portal.
  • We’ve updated the study graph animation on the Athlete Portal Home Agenda, which was not consistently displaying in some accounts.
  • SMS message templates are now limited to 160 characters, and outgoing SMS messages are limited to 320 characters. Longer messages will be automatically truncated.
  • We fixed an issue that may have prevented some parents from being able to save their bank account verification details.
  • We updated the new athlete sign-up email to set the “reply-to” address to be the athlete’s. In a previous update this had changed to a no reply email address.
Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at support@athletadesk.com

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