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The Calendar Feed can now pass Free/Busy status information to your synced calendar (if it supports this feature). If you’re using an external service, like with your synced calendar, this will automatically block out times that you have scheduled in AthletaDesk. To enable this feature, click “Calendar > Options > Sync Settings”.

Here’s what else kept us busy this week:

  • We’ve improved the performance of the Athlete Retention report. For larger businesses, this report should load much more quickly.
  • We’ve added some new stats to the Training Log so you can easily see if an athlete has trained more (or less) than the week and month before.
  • The email notification you receive when an athlete completes the Athlete Sign-Up widget now includes their name in the subject line so it’s easier for you to keep track and follow up.
  • We’ve added “English (Thailand)” as a new region.

We fixed an “oops”:

  • On the Athlete Portal homepage, the “New Downloads” link now correctly goes to the Online Resources page (instead of into the old Lending Library).


Did you know? The Lending Library page now also includes a history of any items that were loaned. For shared items in multi-coach businesses, you can now see which coach loaned an item and who marked it as returned.

Please note: If you require technical assistance, please contact our support team at

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