Beta temp-late than never!

With our beta testing of the upgraded version of AthletaDesk in full swing, we’ve been making constant tweaks & enhancements to improve the AthletaDesk experience! Thanks to our awesome beta testers who have been testing out the new experience and sharing their feedback 💜

While we’ve been hard at work with the changes to our existing features, we’ve also been hard at work on adding a couple of new features to the beta experience…

Feature announcements:

  • Lesson note templates are now available in beta! 🎉
    This highly-requested feature allows you to create templates to use and reuse so you can streamline your note taking. If you have a multi-coach account, you’ll also have the ability to create shared templates that can be used by other coaches in your club as well! We’re so excited to have launched this new feature to our beta testers. Give it a try and let us know what you think at
  • An Import-ant update for clients & expenses 😉
    We’ve redesigned our Client Import and Expense Import tools to allow for a more seamless bulk upload of your client list or expense transactions. Upload a CSV file directly or copy & paste your data and let AthletaDesk handle the rest!

Beta experience updates: 

Client Management

  • When selecting multiple clients across different pages of the client list, the selection now remains once you’ve changed pages
  • We fixed an issue where the number of make-up credits wasn’t displaying correctly in the Make-Up Credits (Unscheduled) column in the client list (but was displaying correctly everywhere else!)
  • We fixed an issue where the submitted form information for new clients wasn’t populating correctly in the Personal tab of their profile (this only occurred when the form is set to mark new clients as Waiting, Lead, or Inactive)
  • We fixed an issue with the sign-up form where adding a second client, then removing the first client, caused the form to get stuck
  • We updated the toolbar buttons in the mobile layout of the client list on smaller phone sizes to prevent the buttons from getting cut off
  • We fixed the Save button when attempting to update default prices in bulk (this was an issue that only impacted single coach accounts)
  • When sending an email to parents of clients in a specific group, the parent email addresses are now correctly populating
  • The Clients page now refreshes after deleting clients when you’ve applied a search filter
  • We fixed an error with the client import tool when default billing was set to “Don’t automatically create any calendar-generated charges”

Calendar & Attendance

  • The calendar now refreshes immediately once you update your calendar preference to disable birthdays
  • Lesson notes you’ve started typing are now saved when you switch to the Client History tab and back
  • The “Select All” option now retains your selection once you’ve saved bulk attendance using “Keep Existing” to not overwrite previously taken statuses
  • We added a small pop-up notification that displays to confirm your previous lesson notes were successfully copied into the current notes
  • We updated the functionality when copying lesson notes from the Client History tab into the current lesson notes so it would only copy to the correct note type (i.e. client to client, parent to parent, coach to coach)
  • We updated the Agenda view on desktop to include the number of events scheduled for each day
  • The calendar preference “Show only my events by default” is now overridden by any search or filter attributes you apply
  • We updated the mobile view of the calendar so clicking on a day in month view opens up the selected day view and scrolls to the events at the bottom of the page
  • We fixed an issue where you couldn’t edit some events more than 2 years in advance (you should be able to see events up to the end of the current month 2 years in the future)
  • We updated the upload unsuccessful error when lesson note attachments don’t upload
  • When setting the duration of an event to All Day, it will now gray out the duration field and clear the previously input value to prevent confusion (unchecking All Day will revert back to the default 30 minutes)
  • We updated the “Show only my events by default” calendar preference so it now displays the correct events, that a filter is active, and gives the ability to clear the filter and return to viewing all events
  • You can now delete multiple event locations one after the other
  • We added the icon for Blocked Dates back on the calendar events
  • When recording a payment as part of marking attendance Present, saving, and then updating the attendance to Unrecorded, Absent, or Coach Absent, that payment is now correctly removed from the Family Account (since they couldn’t have paid at the lesson if they weren’t in attendance!)
  • We’ve sorted the attendee list on an event pop-up in alphabetical order
  • When taking attendance for events set to No Coach – Entire Business, we’ve removed the make-up credit options (since make-up credits are tied to a specific client-coachbilling setup)
  • We fixed a bug where events more than 2 years in the future couldn’t be added or updated
  • The “Bill & Give Make-Up” attendance status is now available for group lessons Attendance: Bill and Give Make Up option is now available for multiple attendee events with both the Absent and Coach Absent status
  • We removed the payroll override options from event categories in single coach accounts
  • We fixed an issue that prevented you from being able to save the changes when applying make-up credits in bulk
  • We updated the category dropdown selector to include the option to add a new category at that time

Families & Invoices

  • We fixed an issue that didn’t immediately update the Balance Owing/Remaining amount on the Invoices tab when switching between families using the dropdown
  • We updated the layout of the Family Account page to include additional details like auto-invoicing settings and next auto-invoice details
  • We updated the payment receipt recipient field to include a default
  • We fixed an issue where the Existing Invoices prompt wasn’t being triggered when an identical invoice was created
  • We fixed an issue where a parent could save their payment details without Auto Pay even though the business requires it
  • The search bar on a family’s Transactions page now remains even when there are no transactions visible
  • We fixed an issue where “Send an email receipt” wasn’t displaying for inactive families
  • When adding an upcoming transaction, you’re now prompted to change the balance date to the date of the transaction so you can see the transaction you just added
  • We fixed an issue when creating invoices using the “Skip families with $0.00 invoices” setting where families with a positive balance (i.e. families who overpaid or have a financial credit) still had invoices created
  • We fixed an issue that cause the app to get stuck when you changed the start date of a recurring transaction to an earlier date
  • The invoice end date is now properly set when creating a new invoice, instead of advancing by one day

Learning Management

  • We’ve updated News & Blog Posts to show a read-only mode for coaches & staff members without privileges to access that feature
  • We fixed an issue with the mobile layout when viewing a video in landscape so it doesn’t get cut off by the browser’s address bar
  • We made a change to Online Resources when assigning access to a file so individual clients and groups are clearly separated
  • We added back the ability to publish news & blog posts directly to your AthletaDesk-hosted website blog
  • Sticky posts will now remain at the top when sorting News & Blog Posts by date


  • We updated the message & date picker on a coach’s payroll page to include the balance
  • We implemented an Auto Save feature for emails when composing a message
  • We fixed an issue that was preventing bulk SMS messages from working correctly
  • We updated the date range pickers across the app so you can now select a range of just one day
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