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Our beta testers have been using the new version of AthletaDesk and sharing their feedback & findings with us. We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again – THANK YOU! 💜 We appreciate you taking the time in your busy coaching schedules to write in with your thoughts so we can make AthletaDesk even better. This week’s roundup of updates includes a number of updates to dialog messages to improve clarity, cosmetic tweaks to make things easier to read at a glance, and more!

Beta experience updates: 

Calendar & Attendance

  • We’ve updated the calendar print options to include “Hide empty events” and “Hide full events” which are pre-selected to match the current calendar filters you’ve applied
  • We’ve added a column to display the client’s age on the clientlist
  • We’ve updated the Present and Absent icons on calendar events to be in green or red instead of the event color to help see current attendance statuses at a glance
  • We updated the “Continue without saving” dialog that comes up when switching from attendance details to lesson note templates so it now only appears if you’ve started making changes on the attendance page before trying to navigate (e.g. changed attendance status, starting writing lesson notes, etc.)
  • We updated the dialog when copying notes from the Client History tab into lesson details so you now have the option to overwrite what you’ve already started typing or add the notes at the end
  • We’ve updated the dialog for a client’s Training Log so you can view their notes and attachments for a single entry at once
  • We updated the message in the Event Details dialog when viewing saved lesson notes & attachments so it’s clear if there were no notes saved
  • We’ve added a small pop-up notification when printing lesson notes on an iPad to inform you that they’re ready to print (the previous way of opening in a new tab would get blocked as a pop-up)

Families & Invoices

  • We fixed an issue where the distance to an invoice’s due date was incorrectly showing as a decimal
  • The Family Details card now refreshes automatically once a transaction is deleted so the next invoice total updates with the new balance
  • ​​​The invoice accent color picker now looks at the existing logo to find color suggestions
  • We fixed an issue when editing auto-invoicing settings for postpaid lessons that allowed a billing start date set in the past
  • We updated the Client dropdown field when adding a new transaction so the “Not Specified” option displays the selection and not just a blank option


  • The number of rows displayed will now remain at what you’ve set it to for the entirety of your session, instead of defaulting back to 25 rows when refreshed
  • We fixed an issue where members were being logged out automatically instead of remaining signed in during their session
  • We switched the third-party automated SMS provider for Canadian recipients (no changes are needed on your end, but you may notice these messages are now sent from a different toll-free number!)
  • We’ve disabled the Client Portal “Enable access” and “View as client/parent” buttons for clients not set to Active or Trial (since they wouldn’t be able to log in to a Client Portal)
  • We fixed an issue where files may not upload successfully if the coach’s Online Resources space didn’t already include the Lesson Note Attachments folder
  • We’ve added a graphic & message when a client has no Family Contacts set up
  • We’ve updated Online Resources in multi-coach accounts so the coach spaces are now ordered alphabetically
  • We updated the coach privileges setting “View client/parent email addresses” so if this is not enabled, the setting “Allow clients to email me from the Training Log” will be hidden
  • We’ve updated the search and filter function on the Clients page so Next Lesson and Last Lesson are now sortable, and Groups are searchable
Please note: If you have any questions or require assistance with your account, please contact our support team at

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