Giving Thanks and Squashing Bugs

Happy Thanksgiving to our members in the United States! Up here in Canada at the AthletaDesk office, we celebrated Thanksgiving last month, but that won’t stop us from making a few turkey puns! So let’s give you pumpkin to talk about, cause we’re not quitting these updates cold turkey 🦃

Here’s what’s new with AthletaDesk:

Client Management

  • We’ve added the total number of clients (broken down by client status) to the top of your client list
  • We’ve updated the text used in the bulk SMS & Email Reminders dialog to better clarify what each option means
  • We made a minor cosmetic change to the casing in the first step of the Client Import tool
  • We fixed an issue with bulk SMS messages sent on a Mac where only the first client selected was appearing in the message editor

Calendar & Attendance

  • We’ve added a Recent Event Notes section below the lesson notes editor for group lessons so you can see the previous group notes you saved
  • We fixed an issue that caused notes in the Recent Lesson Notes section to be squished to the left (this occurred when accessing the recent notes from either the Home Agenda or a specific client’s Attendance & Notes tab)
  • We made some tweaks to the sizing of the mobile calendar in Day view to show more events on the screen
  • We fixed an issue that prevented you from changing the Repeat Until date on a recurring event to an earlier date than what was already saved
  • We fixed an issue that could allow you to schedule an event in a deleted location if you were in Day view, organized by Location (and we removed deleted locations from appearing in the calendar search)
  • We fixed an issue that prevented saving the attendance entry when you tried to edit the attendance status for a previously saved entry and add a new Online Resource at the same time
  • We fixed an issue where the calendar may not load correctly when rapidly switching between months

Families & Invoices

  • We’ve added some helpful text when there’s no transactions available to show to provide some additional clarity about how to see other results
  • We made some cosmetic changes to the Add Transaction dialog so the Save button doesn’t move out of the dialog area


  • We fixed some issues with the email deliverability report in Business Settings where the details weren’t updating immediately when a coach’s email was updated from a public provider (i.e. Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) to a custom domain
  • We removed the Groups selector above the Individual Access field when uploading or editing an Online Resource since groups also appear in the Individual Access dropdown list
  • We fixed an issue where some clients’ Training Log totals weren’t displaying on the Home Agenda
  • We’ve removed the Unstable Internet dialog and replaced it with a banner that is automatically removed when the connection is stable again (this was to prevent unsaved changes from getting lost when the dialog was dismissed)
  • In Business Reports, we renamed the “Create” button to “Create Report” for clarity and consistency
  • We updated the error message when trying to add or rename a folder in Online Resources to a folder name that already exists (previously it referred to a “file” rather than a “folder”!)
  • We’ve translated the text on invoices into Polish (thanks to our members who helped with translations 💜)
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