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This week’s update includes some bigger changes to the different views of the calendar (especially on mobile) to help you see more of your lessons at a glance! Plus, a number of other tweaks and bug fixes throughout:

Client Management

  • We updated the spacing between some of the items in the Client Overview tab
  • We updated the text on the client’s Attendance & Notes tab for better clarity
  • We changed the “Add Client” button to say “New Client” for consistency with other buttons throughout the app

Calendar & Attendance

  • We’ve updated the Week view on mobile so it’s a list view for better ability to see more lessons at a glance
  • We updated the number of events displayed per day in Month view to improve loading speed (additional events will be displayed in a pop up when you click Show More)
  • We added a coach/location picker to the mobile Day view so you can quickly filter the calendar to view a specific coachor location (for non-admin coaches with the privilege to manage other coaches’ lessons/events, they’ll be able to select other coaches from the dropdown as well)
  • We made some cosmetic changes to the mobile Day view to reduce the size and allow more events to be visible
  • We removed the ability to schedule an event in the “Not Specified” location if that option was disabled in the Business Settings (this could cause an issue when trying to view that event in Day view)
  • We’ve added a bright line at the top of the current day to make it easier to spot at a glance
  • We fixed an issue where client birthdays were mistakenly being included in the total # of events for the day
  • We fixed an issue where linked resources uploaded during attendance weren’t displaying on the Attendance Details card
  • We fixed an issue with the date picker where advancing one month when the current day is the 31st of a month would advance two months by mistake
  • We removed the extra “Back to Calendar” button from the Attendance page
  • We fixed an issue where group attendance was locked for editing if you previously started taking bulk attendance and navigated away from it
  • We fixed an issue where linked Online Resources weren’t automatically assigned to those clients once attendance was saved
  • We fixed an issue with the Search button where it would show a search was active once you removed all the search criteria manually
  • We made a cosmetic change to client birthday events so the text wouldn’t continue past the edge of the event if the client has a long name
  • We fixed an issue where default location icons weren’t displaying on calendar events
  • We updated the Day view for single coach accounts to include client birthdays if they have those items selected in their Calendar Preferences
  • We fixed an error that occurred when dragging and dropping an all-day event on mobile
  • We fixed an error that occurred when uploading a new Online Resource to a group lesson

Families & Invoices

  • We updated the “Back to…” button when adding a transaction to a specific family for better clarity that you’ll be returned to the Family Account you were in, not the main Families & Invoices page
  • We updated the column name from “Amount” to “Invoice Amount” on the Invoices tab for better clarity
  • We fixed an issue with auto-invoicing where you couldn’t continue or save if you didn’t select a due date (which is an optional setting)


  • We added the Email Deliverability settings from the classic version to the upgraded version (you’ll find this on the Email & SMS tab of your Business Settings)
  • We made some cosmetic changes to the banner letting you know how much time is left on your free trial
  • We fixed an issue with certain text fields where if you tried to save and got an error, then changed the text by one character, it still wouldn’t save
  • We reordered the fields when adding a new custom expense category for better clarity
  • We hyperlinked the client’s name when looking at a coach’s assigned clients so it takes you to the Assigned Coaches tab of the client profile
  • We added a tooltip to the Assign Clients button on a coach’s profile when it’s greyed out due to all clients already being assigned to them
  • We made some cosmetic changes to the progress dialog when uploading a file
  • We updated the error message when trying to rename a file name to a name that already exists so there’s better clarity on what the error is
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