No(vember) updates? No problem!

This week’s update is a collection of fixes & improvements from all across AthletaDesk! Catch up on the changes below:

Client Management

  • We fixed an issue where previously saved email drafts would still be populated in the email editor even if you chose not to continue using that draft
  • We fixed an issue to prevent coaches from being assigned to Waiting or Lead clients
  • We made a change to the manual make-up credits field so you can now input decimal numbers (i.e. 0.25 to issue 15 minutes of make-up time if their default is set to 60 minutes)
  • We’ve added the button to delete a client in the Client Overview section of their profile (previously this could only be done from the client list)
  • We made a change to prevent default lesson lengths from being set to 0 minutes, which would result in Quick-Add Lessons for those clients being scheduled for 0-minute lessons
  • We fixed the New Email button in a client’s Message History tab so it automatically populates their email address in the To field
  • We fixed an issue where the client list wouldn’t load correctly if there was a Client Birthday or Client Since date set in the future

Calendar & Attendance

  • We’ve added a new dialog to let you know the progress when saving attendance in bulk
  • We fixed an issue where non-admin coaches who could view other coaches’ lessons/events but not manage them would see the Overdue Attendance banner on their homepage if another coach hadn’t taken attendance (however, the attendance page wouldn’t load if they tried to click it)
  • We fixed an issue where if you linked some Online Resources to attendance, then went in to edit attendance & removed the linked resources, sometimes those deleted attachments would still be listed when the notes were emailed

Families & Invoices

  • We made a change to the date field when looking at the details of a monthly calendar-generated charge so it can’t be edited
  • We fixed an issue on iOS devices where the To and Subject fields weren’t loading correctly when trying to email invoices in bulk
  • We re-added the time picker to select what timeframe you want automatic invoices & invoices reminders to be sent
  • We removed the ability to edit the recurrences of a monthly calendar-generated charge (since the charges come from the calendar, you shouldn’t have been able to see that option when editing the charge details anyway!)
  • We fixed an issue that occurred when editing a transaction’s details where if you refreshed the page or clicked “Change Transaction Type” it would display the transaction types but greyed out so you couldn’t select them


  • We fixed an issue where deleting a custom event category that’s been set as a coach’s default category prevented My Preferences from loading correctly
  • We made some style tweaks to the Referral Program link & dialog, and made a change so it’s only visible for subscribed members
  • We corrected the use of “Balance Remaining” and “Balance Owing” in a coach’s Payroll tab, which had been mixed up
  • We’ve set the options in the Online Resources Destination Folder dropdown to display in alphabetical order so you can find them easier
  • Various grammar and spelling changes throughout
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