Happy Fix-It Tuesday!

Fix-It Tuesday might not be an official holiday, but here at AthletaDesk we decided you might like a pick-me-up after the long weekend.

And so, we’ve made some changes!

New Features:

  • Building on last week’s changes, you can now create a Student Details Report with blank lines so that parents/students can fill in missing information and return it to you.
  • When you delete a lesson from the Calendar, we’ve added the ability to notify the affected parents and students by SMS message (prior to this change it was email only). There is a new SMS template for Cancelled Events that is used for this.
  • If you have “Show Balance on Daily Agenda” turned on, it will no longer suppress $0 balances. This was causing some confusion, so it’s consistently displayed ($0 balance or not).

Bug Fixes:

  • We’ve improved the logic behind the sign-up widget to fix a handful of underlying issues:
    • When existing parents/students complete the form, they’re now matched more accurate with their existing entries. This change was made to fix a number of false-positive matches that a handful of users reported.
    • When a parent signs up multiple students, their credit card information will no longer be duplicated on their file.
    • If you were on a slow connection, the sign-up widget would sometimes briefly display an error message at the top of the form when it was being submitted (even if there was no error). This has been corrected.
  • An error message would be displayed if you view the Student Portal as a student with no email address. This has been fixed.
  • We fixed an issue with the Student List download that was preventing phone numbers and/or email addresses from displaying for some adult students.

For Multi-Instructor Businesses:

  • In the Teacher Details page, admins can now set the preferences for the individual teachers (such as the Daily Agenda email time, etc.). Prior to this, these settings were only able to be changed by the individual teacher.



Did you know? Your Student Retention Report now breaks down by Category, so you can have a more detailed picture of former athletes!

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at support@athletadesk.com

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