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Hi Everyone! We’ve got a few great features involving the new client sign-up form that will help with your on-boarding process moving forward.

  • We’ve added a “Policy Agreement” type to the custom Sign-Up form fields (and contact form fields). Many of you were struggling to set up your form in a way that allows you to have clients agree to a policy and then also provide a link to that policy. This solves that problem.
  • We’ve improved the logic for the Sign-Up form that detects when a client already exists in your business. It’s now a bit more sophisticated and takes into account families as well as clients for greater accuracy.
  • We’ve improved the way we check email addresses on the sign-up form to reduce the chance of clients typing in their email address incorrectly.
  • If your Athleta Desk subscription is in the same currency as your country (currently US and Canada), Athleta Desk will now automatically record your membership into your Expenses & Other Revenue section. (You can disable it and/or change the category from the Business Settings page on the Options tab.)
  • We fixed the issue with chart and table on Expenses and Other Revenue which would cause it to lag if you toggled between Cash and Accrual modes.

For multi-instructor businesses:

  • If you’re an administrator, you can now see Business Events from the Daily Agenda on the homepage.
  • When a substitute instructor was assigned to an event, Athleta Desk was incorrectly checking to see if the client had sufficient make-up credits with the sub (rather than the original instructor) when presenting the available attendance options. This has been fixed.


Did you know? We’ve replaced the “Recent Payments” tab on the Families & Invoices page with a “Recent Transaction” tab. This has the same functionality as before, but now you can change it’s mode so that you can also view charges and discounts that were recently added to Family Accounts.

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at support@athletadesk.com.

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