Invoice archive? High five!

You may be done your spring cleaning at home, but it’s time to declutter your AthletaDesk account… you can now archive old invoices so they’re outta sight, outta mind!

Check out our latest updates & fixes below:

Calendar & Attendance

  • We made some improvements to the flow of adding a new online resource while taking attendance, so it shows the same Download Permission options as when uploading directly to Online Resources
  • We added the attendance status hover label for when a group event has mixed attendance statuses
  • We fixed an issue where non-admin trainers were unable to email session notes that had a linked online resource
  • We added a banner to warn of any issues when trying to take attendance for a make-up required event in a category that isn’t set to allow make-ups
  • Trainers can now see all attendee names for events set to No Trainer even if those clients are not assigned to them
  • We fixed an issue that would sometimes display the incorrect time on a calendar event pop-up after it was dragged to a new time
  • We fixed an error that could occur when an admin tried to record payment while taking attendance for a lesson they were substituting for a non-admin

Accounts & Invoices

  • We added a dialog when trying to delete a calendar-generated monthly charge so you can now adjust it to be $0 (or your local currency) instead (just like before, if you want to remove it completely, you should remove the associated events from the calendar)
  • We introduced a feature where you can archive invoices to help declutter your history of invoices (large clubs or trainers who have used AthletaDesk for years may have a loooottt of old invoices!)
  • We added the optional Set Up Auto-Invoicing step when adding a new client to an existing family that doesn’t already have auto-invoicing set up
  • We fixed a bug where following the Balance Owing link from the home agenda to create an invoice would then retain that client’s name when creating an invoice the same way for the next client


  • We fixed an issue where trainers would run into an error trying to send an email to another trainer if they didn’t have the privilege to manage other trainers’ lessons/events and clients
  • When writing a new email, selecting the group of a specific trainer’s clients will no longer include
  • We fixed an issue where, when adding a new client, after closing the invalid email error and then inputting another invalid email, you still couldn’t move on to the next step but there was no message indicating why
  • You can now manually enter negative make-up credits if you need to override the amount
  • We fixed an account-specific issue that incorrectly displayed subfolders in Online Resources as being under the Home directory when moving files
  • For warning banners that include a list of client names, you’ll now be able to expand & collapse the banner when there’s more than 3 names
Please note: If you have any questions or require assistance with your account, please contact our support team at

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