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“Mabel was able to update the mobile table” – try saying that three times fast! While we don’t have anyone on the AthletaDesk team named Mabel, we do have a fabulous team of designers & developers who were able to update how the Clients and Trainers & Staff tables look on the mobile view. You can now see more of the list at once and tap a name to expand more details. This, and many more updates & fixes, below:

Client Management

  • We added in some of the fields for additional contact info to the Add Client page, like the address field and “SMS capable” checkbox for their phone number (previously, after adding a new client you’d need to go into their profile to update this information)
  • We fixed an issue where, when trying to assign a new client to a group, the group field wasn’t populating suggestions of existing groups
  • We added Lead clients to the clickable client count at the top of the Clients page
  • We made a change to prevent clients from being assigned to a non-training staff member
  • We updated the mobile view on the Clients and Trainers & Staff pages to show more of the list on the screen at once (tap a client/trainer to open up more details)

Calendar & Attendance

  • We fixed an issue where trainers with the privilege to view other trainers’ lessons couldn’t select those trainers from the calendar filter
  • We fixed a cosmetic issue with the calendar where, if the account’s time zone was different than the device’s time zone, the current day would be highlighted correctly but the next day was incorrectly highlighted in a dark color
  • We removed the Online Registration option on a trainer’s profile if they’re set to be a non-training staff, since they wouldn’t be able to be scheduled on the calendar
  • We updated the calendar Day view so it no longer includes a column for non-training staff
  • We added back the missing icon to email clients registered in a group lesson set to “No Trainer – Entire Business”
  • We fixed an issue that could cause a conflict warning message to appear when trying to schedule an event that overlapped with another by one second
  • From the Home Agenda, all trainers can now select “No Trainer – Entire Business” events to view
  • When dragging and dropping an event from one trainer to another, we fixed an issue where the trainer name wasn’t immediately updating
  • We fixed an error message that would appear if you tried to clone an event in a recurring series to a date that was beyond the end date of the original series

Accounts & Invoices

  • We fixed an issue where selecting clients on the Accounts page, and then going to the Invoices tab to create a new invoice wasn’t automatically selecting those clients to be included on the invoice
  • When you email invoices in bulk, we’ve limited the number of recipients displayed in the “To” field to reduce scrolling (now, you’ll see the first few and an option to See More)
  • We updated the Send Invoice dialog to its own page to improve usability and eliminate the need to scroll in the pop-up
  • We fixed an issue where the Next button was sometimes disabled when setting up auto-invoicing while adding a new client if the invoice date selected was after the billing cycle start date
  • Trainers with all user privileges except for Administrator can now select the business email as the sender when emailing an invoice
  • We added the ability to sort the Last Payment Date and Last Invoice Date on the Accounts & Invoices page
  • We fixed an issue when updating auto-invoice settings where the message explaining how many days after the invoice was displaying an incorrect number
  • When emailing invoices in bulk, if you select more than one invoice for the same client it will now only display their email address in the To field once
  • We fixed an issue where the dialog warning you of a balance date in the past was still appearing after the balance date was adjusted


  • In a month with no mileage recorded, we updated the graphic & text that displays and added the toolbar back so new entries can be easily added
  • We fixed the playback speed selector when watching a video in Online Resources so it no longer has 50% selected as the default (the videos themselves were still playing at 100% speed by default)
  • We updated the Client Portal so any changes made to visible columns on a page would be saved once you navigate away and back
  • Various cosmetic tweaks throughout
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