More Mini March Updates!

We’ve been getting so much positive feedback from our recent update, which included a major overhaul to email capabilities within AthletaDesk. But we haven’t stopped yet! The team has just released some new updates that improve usability throughout the platform.

Our latest updates: 

  • When manually emailing an invoice, and Auto Pay is an option, the Email Invoice dialog box now gives you options to attempt Auto Pay or not (previously this was a checkbox you needed to select if you wanted to attempt Auto Pay, which could be overlooked).
  • To improve performance and navigation, we split New Email and Message History into two pages (previously these were different tabs on the same page).
  • On the New Email pages, we’ve moved Show Inactive and Extra Recipients up to the toolbar.
  • For multi-instructor businesses, we updated the language on the Instructors & Admins User Details page to make it more clear what the different options mean. User Type can be set to either Coaching Staff or Non-Coaching Staff (for example, front desk staff). Privileges can be set to Administrator (these users can access all parts of AthletaDesk and create other users) or have specific options selected.
  • Online Resources can now be ordered in the beta version of the Athlete Portal.

Our other fixes: 

  • We fixed a minor issue that was preventing the “Change Family” option from allowing you to create a new family.
  • Fixed an issue with the new Sign-Up Widget that was causing custom fields to not display if special characters were used.

Did you know? You can schedule an email to send at a later time, and forward an email from your Message History? Read more about these and other recent email updates here!

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