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We’re finishing out January strong with another looong list of changes & improvements all across AthletaDesk! We’ve made a number of tweaks to our core four features – clients, calendar, attendance, and invoicing – including adding back the optional fields (like school and birthday) when adding a new client. Check out these changes (and more!) below:

Client Management:

  • We fixed an issue where the empty state message or an unnecessary dropdown option briefly appeared when loading a client’s assigned coaches
  • We fixed an issue where an adult client’s mobile phone number wasn’t populating in their profile when they registered through a sign-up form (it also prevented changes from saving when trying to edit from their profile)
  • We added back the icon to show you a file had been uploaded when going through the client import tool
  • Client notes written in an adult client’s profile in the classic version now appear in the new version
  • We fixed an issue preventing new client notes from being added in a client’s profile
  • We fixed an issue where viewing your entire message history and then going to an individual client’s message history would sometimes continue to display the message history for the whole studio
  • We fixed an issue preventing client deletion on mobile
  • When looking at an event’s details in a client’s profile, the notes section only shows if there are notes available
  • We made a change to the client import tool to prevent an error from occurring when the Parent First Name field was mapped, but not Parent Last Name (or vice versa)
  • We updated the default pricing for coaches in multi-coachstudios to prevent incorrect defaults from being assigned
  • We updated how the system pulls email recipients from selected groups so it’ll no longer include parents of inactive clients
  • We made an improvement to optimize the loading of a specific client’s message history

Calendar & Attendance:

  • We made some changes to the calendar print dialog to add Attendance Sheets as its own option, update which dates are selected by default (it will now match the current calendar view), and tweak some wording to make it more clear
  • We updated the mobile view of the monthly calendar so the current day is highlighted
  • When saving attendance from the overdue attendance page, the Draft label now clears correctly
  • We updated the time interval to 5 minutes when dragging and dropping on day/week view
  • We fixed an issue where the “Convert event to make-up” dialog was appearing when make-ups were disabled for that category
  • Group lesson notes are once again appearing in the Recent Lesson Notes section
  • The Attendance & Notes tab in a client’s profile now says “Entire Studio” in the Coaches column for studio-wide events
  • The coach dropdown list on the calendar search is now sorted alphabetically, and based on the name format set in your Business Settings
  • We fixed a bug where client names weren’t displaying on the home agenda
  • We fixed an issue where the pop-up event details on the calendar were sometimes closing on their own
  • We added the Display # of Events calendar preference to single coach accounts (this was mistakenly only available in multi-coach accounts previously)
  • We made a change so tablets now display the desktop layout of the view, rather than the mobile layout
  • We fixed an issue where the small pop-up message letting you know you have unsaved attendance was not disappearing when you closed attendance
  • We fixed a bug where the Present attendance option wasn’t visible when the event didn’t have make-up credits enabled but the event was set to make-up credit required
  • We removed the make-up required option from events set as studio-wide (no coach)
  • We made a change to the tablet view of the monthly calendar so it would display more than 4 events in a specific day
  • We fixed the calendar filter options on day/timeline view to hide unselected coaches or locations
  • Non-coaching staff no longer appear in the coach dropdown option when printing your calendar
  • We fixed an issue that could cause an error when trying to schedule a studio-wide event in a studio with no locations set
  • We fixed an issue where the calendar sync pop-up was being blocked on iOS devices
  • We made a change to inform and prevent you from uploading an online resource larger than the file size maximum of 2GB
  • We made a change to the mobile monthly view so the first click on a day scrolls to the list of events and the second click opens the event pop-up (this matches the behavior of the mobile week view)
  • We updated the text around Client Portal cancellation policy options to better explain what happens in the event of categories with disabled make-up credits
  • We fixed an issue where the coach dropdown for overdue attendance wasn’t visible on mobile
  • We fixed an issue where the 15-minute dashed lines were incorrect for rows on the current day’s date
  • When dragging and dropping an event, then editing that event, the new time now displays correctly
  • We’ve added the option to display the public description on studio-wide events
  • Unsaved lesson notes are now discarded when you click the cancel button
  • We fixed the icon for the auto-saved lesson notes label
  • We updated bulk overdue attendance so you can select all unrecorded
  • When trying to schedule an event that conflicts with a previously scheduled event, we’ve now disabled the Save option so you can’t continue without selecting to ignore the conflicts

Families & Invoices:

  • We fixed an issue impacting the ability to void an invoice from a family’s account
  • We fixed an issue where manual invoices were sometimes not being created on the first try
  • We fixed an issue where email receipts weren’t sending when a payment was recorded from the attendance page (this only impacted schools who didn’t have automatic receipts enabled)
  • We fixed an error that was appearing when manually creating invoices while on a slow internet connection
  • We linked client and parent names on the Family Account back to the client’s profile to make it easier to switch back and forth
  • We fixed the “Hide emailed invoices” search option which wasn’t correctly applying the filter
  • We fixed an issue where adding charges in bulk wasn’t always correctly adding once per client or once per family
  • We fixed an issue where non-admin coaches with limited privileges who recorded payments while taking attendance didn’t correctly mark the invoices as paid

Learning Management:

  • We fixed an issue where changing the start day of the week on the Training Log wasn’t updated the calculations
  • We fixed an issue where non-admin coaches with limited privileges couldn’t download Online Resources
  • We added a banner to warn you if you’re uploading a file to Online Resources that’s larger than the maximum 2GB file size
  • The full screen option in the Online Resources player is now available for audio files

Client Portal:

  • All-day events are now visible in the Client Portal calendar & home page
  • We’ve hidden the “Use make-up credits” button from the home page for clients with a negative number of credits
  • We updated the button to send Client Portal login details for families who have already logged in successfully so it now says “Reset Password”
  • For studios who have enabled the option to show client contact info in the Client Portal, clients will now only see the contact info for clients assigned to the same coach(es) as them
  • When sending Client Portal login details, you can now use the sender dropdown to use your account email address or the studio email address
  • We fixed a delay in loading the Cancel button for events on the home agenda
  • We adjusted the home page header section so the option to collapse it is moved up to save space


  • We fixed an issue on mobile where the cards at the top of the homepage weren’t scrolling
  • We fixed an issue where certain emails’ default sender setting wasn’t being followed
  • For non-touch screen devices, we updated the time picker to make the scroll more compatible with using a mouse
  • We removed non-coaching staff from the coach search field in several areas
  • We fixed an issue where pressing enter in a multi-line text field saved the changes in the dialog
  • We made a tweak to the date picker so it didn’t accidentally select two months when you had the 31st initially selected
  • After deleting a coach or staff members, the table now automatically refreshes
  • We’ve made some overall improvements to reduce the initial load times
  • We’ve increased the precision of the mileage rate calculations
  • A number of cosmetic tweaks & grammatical fixes throughout
Please note: If you have any questions or require assistance with your account, please contact our support team at

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