New Year, New Portal 🎉

New year, new me, new… Client Portal? That’s right – the upgraded Client Portal has officially launched, and is available in all accounts. You can choose to opt in by clicking the button on your homepage, which will automatically update the Portal for all of your families. But that’s not all we’ve been up to! Keep reading for more of our enhancements, additions, and bug fixes:

Client Management:

  • We added a banner to the Family Contacts tab under a client’s profile to let you know if there are other clients linked to this family
  • When adding a new client, you can now assign multiple coaches with different default pricing
  • When switching a client’s status from Active to Waiting/Inactive (or vice versa), the Assigned Coaches tab now automatically refreshes
  • We’ve made a change so a client’s default lesson length can no longer be set to 0 minutes
  • When viewing a coach’s assigned clients in their coach profile, clicking the client’s name will now take you to that client’s profile, with the Assigned Coaches tab open
  • When adding a new client, you can now select an existing family with the Waiting status
  • Adult clients’ phone numbers now display in the client profile card
  • When deleting an email from your scheduled queue that’s set to be sent to multiple recipients, you can now choose whether you want to remove the currently selected recipient only, or all recipients
  • We fixed an issue that would prevent users from deleting several scheduled emails in a row due to the confirmation pop-up not appearing
  • When removing the only assigned client from a coach’s profile, it will now immediately show you the empty state message (previously you needed to refresh)
  • We fixed the inline error messages that were immediately appearing under certain fields when assigning a client from a coach’s profile
  • We fixed the alignment of the client’s average attendance percentage chart

Calendar & Attendance:

  • We’ve added an option to edit the attendance & event details when you viewing them from the client’s Attendance & Notes tab
  • We added an auto-save lesson notes feature so you don’t lose any notes you’ve been drafting if you accidentally leave the attendance page
  • The calendar’s current time in week or day view now uses the time zone set under Business Settings, rather than the device’s time zone
  • We fixed an issue where emailing group lesson notes to the coach would send one email per client, instead of one email for the group
  • We added a banner to warn you if a file you’re trying to upload a file larger than 2GB

Families & Invoices:

  • When creating new invoices, the “All Families” option is now listed first in the Groups selector
  • We made a change to the font used on invoices so certain currency symbols could be used
  • We reduced the size of the “Send Invoice” window so it fits on most screen sizes without scrolling
  • We added the “invoices being sent” banner to the mobile version
  • We fixed the date range picker in Families & Invoices so the date display on one line

Client Portal:

  • The new Client Portal is now available! This optional upgrade is available in all studio accounts. If you choose to upgrade, it will immediately apply to all of your studio families’ Portals. You can still opt out under Business Settings to use the old version if you’re not quite ready yet!
  • We fixed a few issues with the search feature in the calendar, including adding a “Show open lesson slots” option and fixing what displays with the “Show full events” option
  • We tweaked the alignment of the menu icon in the main navigation
  • We made a few cosmetic tweaks to the calendar date picker
  • The mobile week view of the calendar now includes the times, which were accidentally left out
  • Public events without the option to allow Client Portal registration no longer display the number of spots available
  • We fixed the spacing around blog titles in the mobile view
  • We updated our Client Portal help articles and made a change so they’ll automatically show in the Help Center

Business Features:

  • We’ve added the ability to create a new expense category when you’re recording a payroll payment
  • The Expenses & Other Revenue toolbar now remains visible even when you don’t have any transactions available or currently visible
  • We fixed an issue affecting single coach accounts, where the Expenses total wasn’t updating correctly
  • We fixed an issue that preventing the Client Details report from being created


  • We added a “Back to Home” button from the Lending Library when you click a library item from the Home agenda
  • The Home agenda practice summary now shows hours practiced in the last 7 days
  • In single coach accounts, we added the ability to add a new folder when Online Resources
  • We fixed an issue with the Online Resources drag and drop that wasn’t uploading the files
  • We updated a number of links so they can be right-clicked
  • We made a number of small grammatical changes throughout
  • We updated the Email Deliverability Report to provide a helpful message if there’s an error with your SPF Records
  • We fixed the missing navigation arrows from the date pickers
  • The images menu in the text editor is now displaying correctly when editing a system email template
  • We tweaked the screen transitions on certain pages (like multi-step wizards!)
  • We fixed the missing file icons when uploading non-image files
  • We fixed the “Refer a friend” text under Business Settings, which was getting hidden behind other elements on certain smaller screen sizes
Please note: If you have any questions or require assistance with your account, please contact our support team at

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