Our new website builder has launched 🚀

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What’s new with the AthletaDesk website builder?

What you should really be asking is… what isn’t? Our new website builder isn’t an update of the old one – it’s a brand new feature built from scratch! We reviewed our members’ requests, checked out what people like & dislike about other website builders, and designed our new website feature to include: 

  • A visual drag & drop editor that requires no web-building experience 
  • A library of content blocks for page headers, photo galleries, and more 
  • Pre-built design templates that are mobile-responsive 
  • Customizable logos, fonts, and colors for a branded look & feel 
  • A media library to upload your files for easy access (plus stock photos that are free to use!) 
  • Widgets for new client sign-ups, contact forms, and Client Portal logins 

I don’t have a website at all! What do I need?

If you’re starting from scratch and don’t know where to begin, we’ve got a few tips for you! 

  • Look around at other personal trainers’ websites (or other websites for small businesses!) to see what common elements there are 
  • Make a list of what pages you want to include – we recommend starting with a Home page, About Me page, Contact page, and sign-up form  
  • Use a word document or a piece of paper to start writing a rough draft of the content for your website – try to explain the benefits of your training, your location, info about how to register, and testimonials from current clients
  • To improve your website’s SEO, think about what terms your potential customers would be searching for and make sure to use some of those phrases in your content (for example, “personal trainer in Toronto” rather than only using your business’ name) 
  • Use a spellchecker to check for spelling & grammar errors, and have a trusted friend look over your site for another set of eyes! 

How do I get started with the new AthletaDesk website builder?

It’s no trouble at all! Our website builder feature walks you right through it as you go, but to put it simply: 

  1. In your AthletaDesk account, navigate to the “Website” feature in the main menu on the left 
  2. Select “I want to build a website”
  3. Choose from one of the templates (don’t worry, you can change this at any time!)
  4. Set up your domain – you can use a free domain provided by AthletaDesk or connect your own!
  5. Name your website and optionally upload your business logo
  6. Start editing the content in the visual editor, and drag new content blocks in to add more!

What if I already have a website built elsewhere that I want to keep?

Not a problem – AthletaDesk offers customizable widgets you can put on your existing website:

  1. New Client Sign-up Form: Add custom fields, registration fees, auto-send confirmation emails, and more!
  2. Client Portal Login: Give your clients a place to log in to their Portal without navigating away from your website!
  3. Contact Form: Stop chasing down communication with leads across different platforms!
With our new builder, a professional site is only a few clicks away! Have any questions? Reach out to support@athletadesk.com

Whether you're a personal trainer, fitness instructor, or sports coach, AthletaDesk is the platform you need!


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