New Year’s [Software] Resolutions!

Happy New Year everyone! We hope everyone had a lovely holiday and came back refreshed. We have a positive smorgasbord of updates for all of you, so let’s get to it.

A Plethora of Updates:

  • In the website editor, you can now embed a video from your Media Library using a drop-down list (instead of you having to remember the filename).
  • We tweaked the ordering of the fields on the sign-up widget so that the parent information fields come BEFORE the student fields. We made this change to try and cut down on the number of parents who mistakenly register themselves as their student (and vice versa).
  • The sign-up widget is even smarter now, so it detects parents who use their email address for their child. It should now understand that the parent isn’t registering their existing child again, but actually adding a second (or third, or fourth) sibling to the family.
  • We made a change to the invoice layout, line entries are no longer in danger of being cut in half if your invoice spans multiple pages.
  • The “Teacher Absent” attendance status is now displayed on the Daily Agenda report.
  • We improved the messaging that we provide in the Notifications log when a text message can’t be delivered.

A Cornucopia of Bug Fixes:

  • “Lavender” is now spelled correctly throughout the application (and we ordered a dictionary for the office).
  • We fixed a minor issue that could cause monthly charges to linger if the only lesson in a month was changed from a regular lesson to a “Make-Up Required” lesson.
  • Rejoice! The calendar once again no longer scrolls back to the top of the page when taking attendance.
  • We fixed an issue with the website Media Gallery feature that was preventing some images taken on smartphones from being automatically rotated to their correct orientation. This resulted in images appearing sideways in your Media Gallery if you took them when your phone was rotated. 🙃

And for our Multi-instructor Businesses:

  • The instructor’s payroll tab is now searchable.
  • We fixed a minor display issue that was causing the instructor’s default billing rate to display as “$0/month” for instructors that had been previously set to “No automatic charges” (this was only a cosmetic defect, it didn’t impact billing).
  • The instructor/location headers of the “Day” view of the calendar are now left aligned and won’t overlap one another if you have lots of teachers. If you have a huge number of instructors and are having trouble reading the headings on the “Day” view, try “Timeline” instead as it’s much easier to read.

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