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Thank you to all those that have already volunteered to test out securing hosting over HTTPS! We now have a number of custom domains hosted by AthletaDesk and secured using HTTPS.

We’re still looking for some volunteers! If you currently host your website with AthletaDesk and use a custom domain, reach out to for instructions on how to secure your site using HTTPS. Aside from the benefits of greater security, this can help your search engine rankings with providers such as Google.

What else has kept us busy this past week? Take a look:

  • For businesses who limit the maximum number of make-up credits, we fixed an issue that could cause AthletaDesk to set the attendance to “Absent, No Make-Up ($)” instead of “Absent, Notice Given” once the make-up credit limit is reached for that student. This change only affects businesses whose BEFORE deadline action was set to “Absent, Notice Given“.
  • On the Family Account page, the Account Balance at the top of the page now refreshes when a payment or charge is deleted from the Family Account.
  • On the Expenses & Other Revenue page, we fixed an issue that could cause this page to become unresponsive if a payee had special characters in the name.

Notable Mention:

  • No issues with the spelling of “Lavender”. It may have taken a couple weeks but we got there. Let us never speak of lavender again…


Did you know? In the website editor, you can now embed a video from your Media Library using a drop-down list (instead of you having to remember the filename).

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at

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