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If you manually invoice your business in bulk, we have a cool new feature for you! Bulk invoicing now has an option to skip invoices that would display $0 owing. Previously, this was only available if you were using the auto-invoicing feature. Now you can easily avoid creating invoices when nothing is owed. And don’t worry, if your business uses the setting that displays a credit as a “Balance Remaining”, these invoices will still be created for you.

This week’s other cool new additions and touch-ups:

  • The information box that displays at the top of Family tab on the Athlete Details page for multi-athlete families now contains links to switch between athletes.
  • The Sign-Up Widget on websites using the “Simplex” theme has been updated to help the checkboxes and radio button lists stand out better.
  • We fixed a typo in the make-up credit explanation message provided in the email notification instructors receive when a lesson is cancelled through the Athlete Portal.
  • We fixed an issue that would prevent PayPal Pro users from modifying their online payments settings.


Did you know? The new sign-up widget allows parents to enroll multiple athletes at the same time!

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