Snow Many Updates!

While the weather outside is getting frightful, we’ve been working on some delightful updates for you! Check out our recent changes below:

Upgrades & enhancements: 

  • We’ve fixed an issue with pages in the Athlete Portal using tables not loading correctly on specific devices due to screen width.
  • We’ve added a message to indicate when an athlete is trying to open the Athlete Portal in an incompatible version of Safari (versions below iOS 10).
  • We’ve made a change to the Login widget that allows the Athlete Portal to bypass the pop-up blocker and load successfully. This primarily affected widgets placed on Wix websites and users logging in on iPhones.
  • We added a Notes column in the Athlete Portal Attendance & Notes menu to indicate which lessons have notes saved to them.
    We updated the text in the Athlete Portal login email for clarity.
    In the Athlete Portal, the user dropdown menu in the top right corner (Profile and Settings) now closes automatically when you click elsewhere on the page.
  • We’ve updated the Athlete Portal event cancellation pop-up to include line breaks in the cancellation policy.
  • We added a new icon to the Status column on the Invoices page to indicate if the invoice is processing in the background. Refresh the screen to see the icon update once they’ve been sent.
  • We’ve made a change in Online Resources that allows empty folders to have their access permissions set. We’ve also made a change that will automatically update a folder’s access permissions if a folder nested inside has its access updated.
  • In email templates using the Public Description placeholder, it will automatically be converted to HTML so links are clickable and line breaks are included.
  • We’ve added pagination to the Athletes menu to improve load times for businesses with lots of students. It will now display 100 athletes by default. You can change the number of athletes displayed in the list or go to the next page to view more.
  • We updated the SPF Record checker to correctly identify Gsuite email addresses using both and as the MX record hostname.

Our other fixes: 

  • We fixed a bug where items from the Lending Library couldn’t be edited if they had been lent to an athlete who was then made inactive.
  • We fixed some formatting issues with the Event Profit report in CSV format that affected members with their region set to the UK.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented another Online Resource from being attached to an attendance record that had already been saved with an attachment.
  • We fixed an issue that removed the “Email instructor” checkbox from the Athlete Portal Training Log.
  • We fixed an issue that sometimes displayed a future date in the calendar after saving attendance in the beta attendance feature. Now you’re always taken back to the day you were previously on.
  • We fixed an issue where filtering the list of invoices would include invoices ending 1 day after the specified date range as well.
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