Copy Group Notes, Copy Group Notes

Hey, Everyone! We’ve fined tuned group notes once again! The notes can now be copied from week to week. Take a look at the full list of changes:

  • If the “Copy Attendance Notes” option is turned on, the “Group Note” is now copied from the previous lesson in that recurring series.
  • The Revenue and Expense Categories page is now mobile friendly.
  • When you add a profile picture to a client (or instructor), you now have an option to disable automatic cropping.
  • We fixed a minor issue with the Athleta Desk hosted websites that would cause a page that was not included in your menu to appear as the homepage if it was added first.
  • We made a number of minor changes to the user interface to try and improve usability for new instructors just getting started.

Multi-Instructor Studios:

  • On the Calendar, events that overlap with one another (with the exact same start and end time) will now appear in the same order (left-to-right) on the “Month” and “Week” view of the calendar as they do in “Day” (either ordered by Instructor or Location depending on your Calendar Preferences).


Did you know? If you’re using Stripe or PayPal Pro, we’ve added the ability to collect credit card details directly from your sign-up page (or widget if you’re using a 3rd party website).

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at

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