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Hi Everyone! In this week’s update, we are continuing to improve on the mobile device experience. Take a look at our list of changes:

  • A couple of changes when viewing the site on mobile devices:
    • Extra padding from the left and right of the page has been removed. Athleta Desk now makes better use of precious screen space on mobile devices.
    • We’ve changed the way tables are displayed on mobile devices. The table columns have been switched to rows making it easier to read. If you prefer the old look, you can switch back in your “My Preferences” page.
  • We’ve added two new options to the Revenue and Expense report: Group by Payee and Payee Summary.
  • We’ve improved the Client Import feature (Clients > Tools > Import Clients) to accommodate more student data formats.
  • We fixed an issue with website Image Gallery pages that could prevent the page editor from loading correctly (image galleries were always displayed, but some users saw errors last week when trying to change their galleries).


Did you know? We’ve added a Client Retention report that displays your student retention rate over a specific period of time.

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at support@athletadesk.com.

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