Fire Up the Widget!

Press the big red button! No, not that button, the other button! This is 100% not how development works at all.
Anyway! We made some changes to the registration widget this week, and now it can do more things:
  • Update an existing student in the system with a new phone number and/or address
  • Change an existing student’s status based on the Auto-Active setting
  • Match students entered as leads, update their info, and get their status based on the Auto-Active setting
  • Send emails stating if the student is New, New (was lead), Returning (was inactive), or Updated (was waiting or active and they completed the referral form again)

Just remember: AthletaDesk will be checking parent email addresses. If a parent uses the same email address, the above changes can take place depending on the Auto-Active setting.

Some additional changes:

  • The Goldenrod website theme has a new default text color to prevent it from displaying dark text on a dark background.
  • The Registration Widget has been updated so that the right-hand text won’t be cut off on iPhones.
  • We fixed an issue with the Last Login field on the Student List page that could cause it to not display for some studios.
  • We fixed a minor issue that was affecting some parents/students using Internet Explorer 9 which  would cause an error message when trying to disable email reminders


Did you know? You can print off attendance sheets, now including all attendance options!

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at

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