Happy to Report!

We’re always working on improving AthletaDesk with great ideas and feedback from business owners just like you!

Here’s a list of the changes we’ve made to Reports this week: 

  • Added Paid, Void, Date Emailed and Date Reminded to the Invoice Details export file.
  • We’ve updated the Billable Hours report so that the Business Revenue header is now labelled “Pre-Tax Business Revenue” so that it’s clear sales tax is excluded from this calculation.

And some other changes: 

  • We’ve added the number of Trial Athletes to the Athletes page header (beside the total number of active and waiting students).
  • On the printable attendance sheets, “Instructor Absent, No Make-Up” is no longer has the “$” beside it.

For multi-instructor businesses:

  • We’ve added an instructor privilege setting to turn off Mileage in the instructor portal.
  • We’ve added an instructor privilege to turn off the ability to record payments at sessions.
  • We’ve added an instructor privilege to allow non-admins to view the contact information of other instructors within the business.

For instructors using the Sign-Up Widget beta:

  • We’ve fixed a handful of layout issues. Thanks to everyone who’s provided feedback so far.


Did you know? Our new athlete sign-up widget (still in beta testing, email us if you’d like to try it out) can support signing up more than one student at a time!

Please note: If you require technical assistance, please contact our support team at support@athletadesk.com

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