Your Invoices Are 99% Complete!

When you create invoices in bulk, AthletaDesk will now display a progress bar! It makes it easy to see how many are completed and how many are left to go. This should also resolve page time-out issues that some schools were experiencing when manually generating large numbers of invoices.

Other Improvements This Week:

  • We fixed a couple of issues with the video/audio “Looping” feature we rolled out last week. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback!
  • We’ve improved the way the beta Bulk SMS feature works for MacOS users. Now the built-in MacOS “Messages” app should allow you to send text messages to multiple recipients.
  • The Invoice and Invoice Reminder email/SMS templates now include an Invoice Number placeholder. If you’re not using Invoice Numbers, this placeholder will be blank.
  • The “Copy Attendance Status to Next Athlete” checkbox has been relocated on the Attendance popup window so that its position more accurately reflects what it does and it feels a little more intuitive.
  • …and we fixed an issue with that same checkbox that would prevent the “Save & Next” button from working if you didn’t change the Attendance Status option.
  • The “BCC me” option when sending a payment receipt was not working correctly for all users last week. This has been fixed.

Thank you to everyone currently beta-testing the new registration widget! If you’d like to help, send us an email at and we’ll be happy to enable access to the new widget for you.


Did you know? Your payment receipts are now as branded and beautiful as your invoices. Consistency is key!

Please note: If you require technical assistance, please contact our support team at

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