Hi Everyone! Don’t worry, we’re still here! We’ve been hard at work improving the overall performance of the application as well as fixing up some minor issues.


  • New students can now be added to existing families on the Waiting List (and existing students can also be merged with families on the Waiting List).
  • We’ve disabled browser auto-complete on the student/parent form fields. Some member’s internet browsers were filling in their own personal details in place of the student information.
  • We fixed an issue in the Student Portal that would recommend a student join all the lessons in a series when only a single lesson was converted to a make-up slot.

For multi-instructor businesses:

  • We fixed a couple of minor calendar issues:
    • Instructor Availability shading wasn’t always working correctly for instructors with multiple entries in their availability list.
    • We also made a fix to the “Hide Inactive Instructors/Locations” filter not working as expected.
  • We corrected a problem with the sign-up form that would prevent the “Sport” and “Preferred Instructor” drop-down lists from working together properly in businesses that only teach a single sport/discipline.


Did you know? When adding a new transaction to a Family Account, there’s now a “Save & Add” button to make it easier to add multiple transactions.

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at

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