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Hey Everyone! We’ve seen a torrent of new users begin using Athleta Desk in the past couple months. Welcome! We’re very excited to have you onboard.

This week’s update consists of just a few small fixes and features while we continue working on some larger “under the hood” projects to improve performance.


  • A few weeks ago we changed the behavior of the Calendar Filter so that private events were hidden by the “Hide Full” option. This behavior has been reverted, so “Hide Full” doesn’t hide private events with no students attending.
  • If your business has “Allow Partial Payments” DISABLED in the Student Portal, the “Make a Payment” button will now use the last UNPAID invoice as the amount owing by default. If there are no unpaid invoices, it will use the family’s account balance.
  • We updated the “Account & Invoices” page in the Student Portal so that the line item descriptions now include the Event Category (if available). This makes the Account page appear consistent with the invoices.
  • We fixed a bug in the email editor that would prevent the text color from being modified in the emails that you send. This allows links to be highlighted blue, or green, or whatever you want. (We had fixed this once before but the bug crept back in with an update to a 3rd party component. Sorry about that!)
  • We modified the Homepage Agenda slightly so that when you peek ahead you’ll see the birthday, lent items, and other reminders that are based on the day being viewed (rather than the current day).


Did you know? New students can now be added to the existing families on the Waiting List (and existing students can also be merged with families on the Waiting List).

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at support@athletadesk.com.

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