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Hi Everyone! We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season! We have quite a large backlog of updates for you this week.

•    The client, parent and instructor name formats used throughout Athleta Desk can now be adjusted from your Business Settings page (on the Options tab). If you’d prefer to see names displays as “First Last“, you can now change this throughout the site.
•    If your business is using Auto-Pay, the Invoice Email Template will now automatically replace the “Click here to pay this invoice”  link with a message that says “This invoice will be automatically paid using…” if auto-pay is successful. We hope this change will cut down on some of the confusion that clients using auto-pay experience when they receive their invoice emails. (Be sure to include the %InvoicePayURL% placeholder in your invoice template if you wish to use this feature.)
•    The Add Charge and Add Discount popup now allows you to select clients by group (the same way the New Invoice popup does).
•    We fixed an issue with the Client Portal calendar that would allow the event popups to get stuck open in some scenarios.
•    We’ve updated the client list download in Excel format so that “Inactive Date” is now included as a column.
•    The “Visible Columns” drop-down list now scrolls if you’re on a mobile device so that you can get access to all the items, even if that list is really long.
•    We corrected a minor issue with the “Events Left this Week” homepage widget that would cause it to show “0 Sessions Left This Week” in some circumstances.
•    If you’re using PayPal Pro, the Notification page will now display more helpful text if a payment is declined.
•    We fixed a few display glitches that would cause page layout issues on a handful of devices (mobile and desktop).
•    If you’re using private calendar notes, the “Expand/Collapse” button on the homepage will no longer cause the page to “jump” when you click it.
•    Less spam, more ham: If you’re using an Athleta Desk site with a custom domain name, ReCaptcha is now automatically enabled for you. (The option to use custom ReCaptcha keys is no longer needed.)


Multi-Instructor Businesses:
•    We’ve added a new option to the calendar filter to hide unused teachers/locations on the “Day” and “Timeline” views. This option is great for larger businesses with part time instructors; clutter is reduced so that teachers who aren’t working on a specific day aren’t shown.
•    We fixed an issue with the “Search” feature on the Client List page that would cause the instructor filter to re-apply each time you left and returned to the page.
•    On the Instructors & Admin page, the “First Name” and “Last Name” fields have been combined into one “Name” field.


Did you know? We’ve added a “Last Paid” column to the Families & Invoices page so that you can more easily identify which clients are overdue.

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at

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