Some Sweet February Updates

What’s sweeter than a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day? A whole bunch of updates from your favorite business management software two days after Valentine’s Day – at least, we think so!

Upgrades & enhancements: 

  • We updated the term “Lesson Note Attachments” to “Linked Online Resources” for better clarity.
  • We clarified the options in the unsubscribe pop-up window – the previous options could be confusing.
  • We added a “No Border” style to the table options in the text editor formatting toolbar. This makes it easy to remove any borders that are added when copying and pasting a table from another application.
  • We updated the order Online Resources spaces are displayed. Individual Instructor Spaces are now sorted alphabetically.
  • We updated the file chooser when linking resources to lesson notes to display Online Resources Spaces.
  • We updated the breadcrumb navigation for Online Resources so instructors can navigate back to their Instructor Space when linking a file to lesson notes.
  • Admins and non-admins with privilege to take attendance for other instructors can now link files when taking attendance on behalf on a non-admin instructor, and non-admin substitutes can now link files from their device.
  • We updated the logic that validates a instructor’s access to take attendance for a specific event.
  • Images dragged and dropped into emails will now be checked for file size to ensure the total email size doesn’t exceed 20MB.
  • On athlete sign-up forms that collect billing information, we’ve set a default card type so the field doesn’t remain unselected.

Our other fixes: 

  • We fixed the User Privileges setting that allows non-admins to add/edit Online Resources in the Business Space. In some cases it was displaying that the user had this privilege enabled when they did not.
  • We fixed an error that appeared when trying to take attendance for an entire day that had no events with attendees.
  • We fixed an issue on the attendance page that could display make-up credit attendance options for categories that didn’t have make-up credits enabled.
  • Oops – we found a couple of typos! We updated the sign-up widget to say “cardholder” instead of “card holder” and corrected the misspelling of “existing” in the email templates pop-up.
  • We fixed an error that would prevent the information in the Athlete Portal Profile Settings from displaying once the page was revisited.
  • We fixed an error that displayed after linking a file to lesson notes when taking attendance in the Attendance & Notes tab of the athlete’s profile.
  • We fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed the parent as having an adult athlete when the family contains an inactive athlete with the same name/email as the parent.
  • We fixed an issue in the Athlete Retention report so Lead and Waiting athletes are not showing as active.
  • We fixed a bug caused by uploading a athlete profile picture that was too large. It will now either upload successfully or display a warning that the file is too big.
  • We fixed an issue where animated GIFs on user websites were being resized, which caused them to stop being animated.
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