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Some Sweet February Updates
February 16, 2021
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More Updates Springing Forward

This month, our clocks sprung forward for Daylight Saving Time, and over at AthletaDesk, we’re springing forth a new round of updates!

Upgrades & enhancements: 

  • We updated the Revenue & Expense report options so it displays as “Payer” instead of “Payee” on a Revenue report.
  • We updated the notification subject line for new athlete sign-ups to replace the word “Enquiry” with “Submission” (our internal “inquiry vs. enquiry” debate is now over!).
  • We added double-click protection to the Save & Exit button on the new attendance experience. This means if you accidentally click the button several times in a row, it won’t send the lesson notes email repeatedly.
  • We updated the button on the “Your Trial Has Ended” pop-up for better clarity on what to do next.
  • We added an error message to indicate when an email fails due to too many extra recipient email addresses.
  • We added a minimum registration fee amount of $1.00 to sign-up forms collecting registration fees. This was done to prevent the sign-up process from failing due to Stripe being unable to process the registration fee amount if it’s below their minimum charge.

Our other fixes: 

  • We fixed an error with the weekly calendar report that was caused when event locations didn’t have an icon set.
  • We fixed the ability to sort by column on the Event Categories and Locations pages.
  • We fixed an issue where images in the Thank You message on sign-up widgets weren’t displaying.
  • We fixed a bug that didn’t update the price in the Family Account when an event series set to “Specify a price per athlete for each event” and the price of the last event in the series is changed.
  • We fixed the Athlete Portal News Post limit setting so it would properly display the correct number of recent posts on the Home page.
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