The Thin Red Line

You may have noticed yesterday that a little red line and arrow appeared on your Calendar yesterday, particularly if you use the Day/Week/Timeline views. We heard your requests, and now you can easily see where you’re at in your day!

Other Updates:

  • On mobile devices, the drop-down menu on the Invoice tab in the Family Account page is no longer cut off on the right-hand side.
  • For customers located in Spanish-speaking regions, the “PAID” and “VOID” invoice stamps have been translated into Spanish.
  • If you have your Calendar set up to display only the athlete’s first name, your printed calendars will now reflect that setting as well.
  • On the Athlete Details page, the “Family” tab will now display a notification when a student has siblings in the system as well.
  • If you tried to attach a non-image file using the “Add Expense from Image” option in the Expenses & Other Revenue page you would have been unable to save the expense entry. This has been fixed.

Changes to the Athlete Portal:

  • On mobile devices, we’ve updated the Family Account page in the Athlete Portal. It now displays the charge amount and the athlete name by default instead of the running balance on the right.


Did you know? We’ve added additional music notes/symbols to the Lesson Notes/HTML editor!

Please note: If you require technical assistance, please contact our support team at

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