Product Updates

Bah Humbugs (and Bug Fixes!)

The holidays are fast approaching, and the only thing around the AthletaDesk office that can make us feel like Scrooge is… bugs. Bah Humbugs, to be exact. Rest assured, our awesome developers are no ghosts of past, present, or future – they’ve been working hard on fixes to keep AthletaDesk …

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End of the month update to BRIGHTEN your day

…and to brighten your calendar! We just couldn’t let the month end without releasing a few more updates – including some tweaks to calendar event colors to help them stand out a bit more 🌈 Fixes & Improvements: We fixed an issue with the “Use Studio Name as Default Sender” setting …

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Giving Thanks and Squashing Bugs

Happy Thanksgiving to our members in the United States! Up here in Canada at the AthletaDesk office, we celebrated Thanksgiving last month, but that won’t stop us from making a few turkey puns! So let’s give you pumpkin to talk about, cause we’re not quitting these updates cold turkey 🦃 …

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Mark your calendar… to read the latest updates!

This week’s update includes some bigger changes to the different views of the calendar (especially on mobile) to help you see more of your lessons at a glance! Plus, a number of other tweaks and bug fixes throughout: Client Management We updated the spacing between some of the items in …

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No(vember) updates? No problem!

This week’s update is a collection of fixes & improvements from all across AthletaDesk! Catch up on the changes below: Client Management We fixed an issue where previously saved email drafts would still be populated in the email editor even if you chose not to continue using that draft We …

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You autumn know… about our latest updates!

Don’t fall behind on our latest updates to the new version of AthletaDesk! 🍂 Check them out below: Client Management We’ve made a change to the client list so when you change a client’s status, the page remains in the same spot (previously it would reload and you’d end up back …

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Fresh Fall Facelift

You’ll notice a change when you log in to AthletaDesk today… we’ve given our login page a makeover! We’ve also given the calendar another facelift to help you see more of your lessons at once, and updated what happens when you click into a column in week or day view. …

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Blast from the past… week’s lesson notes!

In this week’s update, we’ve made some much-requested changes to the calendar and lesson notes, making it easier to see recent lesson notes from last week… and the week before, and the week before, and the week before! Check out our list of updates to the new version of AthletaDesk …

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Do you remember? The second update of September? 🎵

This week’s update focuses on tweaks to make your growing client list easier to manage, view all the info you need at a glance, and communicate with ease! But that’s not all… we’ve made tweaks & improvements to the new version of AthletaDesk all across the board. Check out our …

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Don’t dia-log off just yet

Our beta testers have been using the new version of AthletaDesk and sharing their feedback & findings with us. We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again – THANK YOU! 💜 We appreciate you taking the time in your busy coaching schedules to write in with your thoughts so …

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